Task 1: Interpret your name creatively

Hi All,

This is my first blog post ever and I have to thank Creativity and Innovation course for pushing my boundaries forward! My name is Henri Olavi Talvitie and I’m an exchange student from Aalto University in Finland.

My first name is quite common in Europe in its different forms like Henry, Heinrich, Heimrich, Henrik and so forth and to my knowledge it doesn’t really mean anything – its just a name. My second name Olavi on the other hand is an Finnish version of a more common name Olaf (Scandinavia)/ Oliver. Its meaning according to behindthename.com is “ancestor’s descendent”, which is quite interesting because I got the name from my grandfather – coincidence or not?

My surname means in English winter road, which I think is quite fitting for me as I’m quite pale, I come from the north and I like snow.

Because there are lots of German exchange students here in Bandung, I need to adapt and therefore I’ll interpret my name in a form that they can understand more easily. So my creative name in “ze German” is Heinrich von Winterstrasse. I expect that my “Germanization” is complete after the first semester.

Viele Gruesse,



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