Task 2: Why do we need to be creative?

So a whopping 10 minutes since my last post. Getting really good at this..

On macro level Creativity is needed in this world so that it goes forward, without creativity the world would be stagnant place where status quo would rule. Creativity brings the whole world things like arts and science which (hopefully) makes the world a more beautiful and interesting place to live in. Creativity and innovation in different areas of science improves our quality of life and allows the human race to reach for the stars.

On individual level we need to be creative in our every day life because creativity makes the life more interesting and with creative ideas you can also prosper economically. Trying to think creatively also enhances your brain and keeps it sharp, so therefore trying to be creative and just tossing around crazy ideas is good for you.

In short: without creativity the world would be a sad and boring place to live in 🙂


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