Task 5: What is the most important innovation for me?

Hi again,

This time I’m going to discuss what’s the most important innovation for me. It’s a hard question to answer as many innovations (especially smaller ones) start to feel normal after a little while and therefore it’s sometimes hard to point them up.

For me one of the most important innovation in this world is personal computers and mobile computing as they both have an immense effect on my and other peoples life. PCs and mobile computing affect my life on many different areas e.g. working, studying and my free time.

With mobile computer (or smartphone) I’m able to work anywhere I want to with a complete access to my company network, which basically allows me to be really productive as I can for example knit together my studying and working. A good example is that if I have only a few hours time to work before going to lecture, I really can work that two hours instead of going to the office which would take back and forth around one hour. So my effective working time already doubles! PCs and mobile computing also allows me to do things I enjoy even if I’m moving from point A to B i.e. travelling. So before pretty tedious train trips nowadays are way more fun as I can watch a movie for example.

In the future both of these and information technology in general will have probably even more profound effect on all of us!



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